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How we are not alone

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

In this seemingly endless time of isolation I share a piece from the Kathmandu Diaries. After four months of silence it is time to share again.

How we are not alone …

Because he picks up the phone on the first ring

Because the wind moves the leaves of the tree

Because the old woman hangs the prayer flags

Because the monk sits in the back room and scares away the demons by banging his cymbals and his drums

Because the young man puts down the phone and says, “May I help you?”

Because a stranger watches your backpack while you go to the bathroom

Because a lover takes your hand to safely guide you across the busy street

Because the old Tibetan woman pushes you aside as she circumambulates the stupa

Because a crooked man sweeps the path in front of you

Because the bells tinkle in the wind

Because a young woman makes your hotel bed

Because you count and re-count the money you wish to give away

Because he pulls out your chair

Because a poet writes a line for your heart

Because a tear falls when you cry

Because a sound reaches your ear

Because a shopkeeper hands you a bottle of water

Because a niece wishes you a good trip to Nepal

Because an airline pilot delivers you safely to the ground

Because he hands you the bottle of wine first

Because a bird builds a nest on your hotel room patio

Because a burning body tells you the end of the story

Because a woman keens and wails

Because a monk prays for the safety of the world

Because a young woman calls you Didi

Because you lay together in bed on wrinkled white sheets in the morning

Because the heart jumps at the sight of beauty

Because the screen keeps out the dust

Because the door opens in

Because the men work to repair the road

Because the driver takes the shortcut

Because he looks back and smiles when he leaves

Because the rain falls on all the earth

Because the old mother can’t reach the altar with her offering

Because the stupa holds tightly to the bones

Because the moon is full and

the tea is hot

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